Detroit: Become Human – A Sci-Fi Heavy Hitter

Renowned Heavy Rain (2010) and Beyond Two Souls (2013) creators, Quantic Dream, released the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 (PS4) exclusive Detroit: Become Human on 25th May 2018. David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream, has released his fifth successful video game title with the company as Detroit: Become Human proves another successful phenomenon for the writer and director. A hard-hitting moral…

Goodbye Passenger

As the sun set on his final performance for the tour in Dublin, the artist announced through his Facebook page on 23rd July that Sunday (his Dublin show) would be ‘my/our last gig for a while’ (Official Passenger Facebook Page, accessed: 3rd August 2017), and the next day spontaneously announced the release of his newest album ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ in under a week’s time.

Anime: There’s a World Outside of Studio Ghibli

Anime is a growing art form originating from Japan. Described as a style of Japanese animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children; anime is not simply ‘Japanese cartoons’ as many would assume. Firmly establishing itself as an admirable independent genre for the past half century in Japan, anime is also expanding its influence into the western world.

TellTale Games’ Clementine: A Video Gaming Feminist Symbol

The portrayal of strong female characters in the entertainment industry has been a battle fought for the past two centuries. The fight has spanned a variety of media; from classic written word mediums to more contemporary digitally drawn ones. Whether it’s film, literature or video gaming, female characters are currently a dominant focus of the media and consumers, especially when women are a rapidly increasing market for the industry.

‘La La Land’: Art, Heart and Hollywood

“La La Land delicately blends the conflict between reality and dreams but does so in a visually stunning and beautifully written way, containing every heartfelt value within the brutal truth.”

In Defence of Denis Shapovalov

The latest sports drama to hit the headlines was tennis Canadian teenager Denis Shapovalov’s unintentional strike to French umpire Arnauld Gabas’ left eye during Great Britain and Canada’s round one Davis Cup match.

In a World of Mixed Messages

In a world that has spent millennia progressing divisional views but encouraging a difference of opinion, a new age of political authority returns us once again to a world of mixed messages.