I am a recent English with Creative Writing graduate that continues to love writing; I may not be getting paid to do it at the moment but that doesn’t quell any desire I have for the industry. I love to write so I write; and I think I’m pretty darn good at it.

The Little Song Bird Blog is my more professional side of blogging. Here I discuss current affairs, engage in news stories, review games or films and on occasion give my opinion. I cover topics I’m personally invested in or that have piqued my inquisitive mind. I write on sport, gaming, film and even media and finance sometimes. So if you’re interested in a 20-something’s view on world events, Little Song Bird Blog may be your cup of tea! (Or cup of coffee for my non-British or coffee-preferer friends out there).

If you’re interested in my more fun-loving, free-speaking side, may I direct you to my more personal blog: The Waffling Writer. ┬áThere I discuss personal things, engage with my community a lot more and do more colloquial free-wheeling content because I’m a crazy millennial and I’ll write what I want to write.