Goodbye Passenger

July has seen quite the emotional journey for Michael Rosenberg, also known as Passenger, and his fans. Whilst millions of admirers were treated to the 33 year old star’s Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea, European Tour starting in Autumn 2016, Passenger surprised his fans with a mixture of news at its end in Summer 2017.

As the sun set on his final performance for the tour in Dublin, the artist announced through his Facebook page on 23rd July that Sunday (his Dublin show) would be ‘my/our last gig for a while’ (Official Passenger Facebook Page, accessed: 3rd August 2017), and the next day spontaneously announced the release of his newest album ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ in under a week’s time.

If you wish to see the full message via Passenger’s official Facebook page, here it is below:

Goodbye Passenger

As Passenger mentions above, it was eight years ago that Rosenberg took the name of the band he founded with him into his solo career after its disbandment in 2009. In less than a decade the Brighton-born Brit has written 5 studio albums, performed 5 global tours stretching from North America to Australia and Europe and inspired and comforted millions of fans struggling in situations the artist himself has experienced.

Known globally for ‘Let Her Go’, commonly mistaken for Disney’s 2013 Frozen hit song ‘Let It Go’, Rosenberg has decided to take a back seat from the music industry and focus on himself. Not to be mistaken for a selfish time-out, Rosenberg is embracing his roots and recognising where his career stemmed from and reignite with who he is.

Lyrically romantic and poetically whimsical, many beloved fans that fell in love with a range of the artist’s songs. From comforting coming-of-age songs such as ‘Wrong Direction‘ and ’27’, witty and beloved tracks such as his live ‘I Hate‘ and serious melodies like ‘Life’s For the Living‘ ; Rosenberg’s music tells the narrative of life through poetic messages, witty lyrics and beautiful .

A long-time friend of A-List artist Ed Sheeran, the pair share the same folk and pop combinations in their music; comedic and warm at times, whilst beautifully tragic in others. Yet Rosenberg is no longer ; his decade-long career has established him as his own recognisable artist. An individual beloved by his own fans.

Remembering the time where there were ‘holes in his pockets’, Rosenberg seems to have made the admirable decision to return to his humble beginnings and busk on the streets during his travels, write music for love and fun, and take a step back from the spotlight he seems to have been thrust into so quickly in his young life.

Missed whilst on this journey of self-discovery, fans respect Rosenberg for the human decisions he has made during this year of political and immoral turmoil. Genuine, kind and beloved, Passenger has left his mark on British music despite his impending hiatus. As the singer/songwriter reminds us: ‘We’ve go holes but we carry on’ (‘Holes‘, Passenger).

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