‘La La Land’: Art, Heart and Hollywood

“La La Land delicately blends the conflict between reality and dreams but does so in a visually stunning and beautifully written way, containing every heartfelt value within the brutal truth.”


The Media vs. The ‘Celebrity’: A Focus on PewDiePie

The words: Disney, Antisemitism and PewDiePie may trigger a few choices opinions given the not-so-distant memories of the allegations made against YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known as PewDiePie, only last week. Whilst these headlines may seem like ‘old news’, the storm between the media and the ‘celebrity’ in recent news is not such an unfamiliar topic.

In Defence of Denis Shapovalov

The latest sports drama to hit the headlines was tennis Canadian teenager Denis Shapovalov’s unintentional strike to French umpire Arnauld Gabas’ left eye during Great Britain and Canada’s round one Davis Cup match.

In a World of Mixed Messages

In a world that has spent millennia progressing divisional views but encouraging a difference of opinion, a new age of political authority returns us once again to a world of mixed messages.